Educational Visit visit to Taraporevala Aquarium – Std.7

Educational Visit visit to Taraporevala Aquarium – Std.7 on 28/8/2019

The students of Std 7 went on an educational visit to Taraporevala Aquarium on 28/8/2019. The aquarium is situated near Charni Road and we went there by train. It is one of India’s oldest aquariums.

We were asked to carry writing material to take notes on the species we saw. We were fascinated to see the different kinds of colourful freshwater and tropical fish of different shapes and sizes on display in large tanks. There was a variety of fish, crabs, eels and one species of turtle. We eagerly began writing down the names of each creature as also the information provided on each fish. There was also a small video presentation where a staff member of the aquarium explained how the fish are obtained and maintained.

Each class was accompanied by their science teacher - Ms Marilyn and Mr. Adalbert , along with two parents. We were thrilled and enchanted by this novel underwater world experience.

Aliabbas .S. Gheewala