Science Drama Competition – AB ward level

Science Drama Competition – AB ward level on 6th August 2019

With an objective of promoting awareness about scientific and environmental issues among people in an interesting and creative way, the AB ward organized a Science drama competition, the theme chosen by our school was “Clean and green Energy”. Through the Science drama our boys very effectively suggested the ways in which we could employ methane, butane and propane to generate electricity, fuel power plant, cook food and heat water, etc. All of this was done without causing harm to the environment. The drama was based on Aladdin, Jasmine and the 3 genies (Propane, Butane and Methane).

The competition helped us to work as a team, to be able to co-operate with one another, understand and respect each other’s point of view and also brainstorm ideas together. Everyones efforts mattered as we were representing our school, we had to put in the best we could.

We had our work divided wherein some made the charts, some made the backdrop, some arranged for the props, some edited the music, etc. There were some challenges but we faced them together as a team. Mr. Adalbert and Ms. Sharon were in charge of training us for this event.

We thank them and all our teachers and Principal for having given us their constant support and encouragement.

- Shubham Bajpai

(Std 7.1)