Project Exhibition - 31/1/2023

The Projects' Exhibition was held on 31st January to showcase the students' scientific temper and mathematical application. The projects were mainly based on the subjects of Maths and Science with a few on History. Students from Stds.6-9 presented their projects.

Project topics varied from presentation of Statistical data and 3D- Pull-up shapes displaying the nets of 3D figures, to the application of simple machines to create complex machines that incorporated pulleys and levers and the Multiple Reflection of Light in kaleidoscopes and Periscopes. Viewers found these projects fascinating and the variety and creativity the students brought to these was greatly appreciated by parents and students alike. Students also developed the skill of explaining their project in a concise manner and displayed a thorough understanding of the concept through their oral explanations while answering questions posed by the viewers.

It was a pleasant and rewarding experience for students to see their projects displayed for external viewers and to be acknowledged for their successful application of scientific and mathematical concepts.


Marilyn Rebello

Project Exhibition-in-charge