SCIENCE EXHIBITION 2022 - AB WARD LEVEL – 29th & 30th August 2022

"The purpose of Education is not simply to learn facts but to train the young minds to think."

This year as per the guidelines of NCERT, Science Exhibition was organised with the central theme - Technology and Toys, in which our school students participated at the AB ward level on 29th and 30th August, 2022. This year Anjuman Islam's Allana English School hosted the Science Exhibition.

In the Juniors category Yashas Dandekar and Jaineel Dahibavkar from Class 6 put up a project on Mathematical Modelling through which they explained how Mathematics can be used to solve the real life problems. They used mathematical formulae to calculate the number of plants that can be placed in a given amount of vertical space to produce maximum amount of oxygen.

In the Senior's category Maeryn D'Souza and Meet Motivaras from Class 9 put up a project on Environment and Climate Change in which they explained the Global Warming and Climate Crisis we are facing, the causes, effects and the necessary steps that need to be taken on an urgent basis to prevent Global Warming.

Although we were expected to put up the projects at a very short notice, we are proud of our students for willingly coming forward to take it up and put in their best efforts. They supplemented their projects with some informative charts and still models and explained their ideas to the viewers and visitors with great pride and enthusiasm.

Overall it was a good learning experience for our students as they also viewed the other projects that were put up by the other schools. The program ended with a valedictory function and prize distribution ceremony.

Ms.Sharon Buthello and Science Teachers

Teachers In charge