Manager’s Day Programme – 3/2/2023

On 3rd February 2023 we celebrated Manager’s Day in our school which is also the birthday of our Manager - Fr. Blaise D’Souza s.j. Ms. Marilyn and Mr. Reynold D’Cruz were in charge of the programme. The school Vice-Captain and Sports Captain escorted Fr.Blaise carrying the school flag accompanied by the school band. According to old tradition, we began the programme with the lighting of the lamp. The programme then commenced with a prayer service which was followed by a speech by the school Vice- Captain - Jinen Chhadva and a Powerpoint Presentation. For some entertainment the students of standard 6 and 7 put up a dance performance. A few students from each class had prepared a greeting card to give Fr.Blaise in gratitude.  Fr Blaise was quite overcome with emotion while viewing the programme. The Principal also addressed the students. She alongwith the Vice-principal praised the Pre-Primary section for their hard work and impactful message through the backdrop. The programme ended with the students and staff singing “Happy Birthday” to Fr. Blaise. 



Jinen Chhadva

School Vice- Captain.