Std.6 – Social outreach to Ashadaan (Byculla)

Std.6 – Social outreach to Ashadaan (Byculla) on 17/2/2020

We the boys of Std.6 visited Ashadhaan on 17/2/2020. When we entered Ashadaan we saw handicapped and different kinds of disabled people. We felt very sorry to see them in that condition. We performed various dances, sang songs and acted too. Some of the inmates were able to understand the dances and songs and seemed to be happy. We carried a few items for their use like tea packets and Dettol antiseptic liquid bottles. We returned to school with sweet memories of Ashadaan. We learnt a lot from our outreach day and we thank our class teachers and PTA members for organising and accompanying us to Ashadaan.

Aymaan Lakdawala