School Festival | Paryushan | PTA Activity

The Jain Festival Paryushan – 19th August 2019 (PTA Activity)

The celebration of one Indian Festival annually to enhance religious harmony in the school is a PASTOR initiative and this year the Jain Festival Paryushan was celebrated on 19th August 2019.

A special assembly was organized and some parents and students put up a skit to give us information of the rituals performed during the festival and its significance. The meaning of Paryushan is to repent for the harm caused to any human or living being and it is a time of fasting and prayer.

The skit ended with a small dance to enhance the celebration.

An audio visual was then presented on the chief Tenets of Jainism followed by a clipping on how Jainism has inspired the renowned actor Mr.Aamir Khan who emphasized the significance of being non-violent, peaceful and the need to live a minimalistic lifestyle.

The programme ended on a sweet note and motichur ladoos were given to all.

Ms.Monica Rose

Teacher In-Charge