Be part of the solution, not part of the pollution

The nature club organized a competition titled Eco friendly Ganesh utsav where students were briefed on the need for an eco-friendly celebration and were given instructions for carrying out the task. Students were encouraged to use Seed Ganesha's or to make the idol out of clay,and to use recyclable material to decorate the idol. Keeping in mind the pollution of water bodies students were encouraged to have the visarjan in a tub.The participants were very creative and their green actions will definitely inspire others.

The prize winners are:

1st Neil Shirodkar Std 7

2nd Ayush Jogadia Std 8 and Rudresh Jogadia Std 6

3rd Aryan Barbadesai Std 6

Congratulations dear students as you'll encourage others to be the change we wish to see...

We would also like to appreciate the boys who participated in the competition and their dedication towards creating a greener cleaner future. They are Anshul Anchalwar from Std6, Aryan Bhattad, Aryan Kudtarkar, Sherwin Nogueira and Dhruv Kakodkar from Std7, Krishna Patel and Vyom Poddar from Std 8 and Ranveer Nalavde from Std9

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