Visit to the Mazgaon Docks – ‘Maritime Awareness Exhibition’

The Mazgaon Docks was the venue for the ‘Maritime Awareness Exhibition’. This is a strategically protected place and hence the venue was guarded at all times. The hostess for the day addressed the students of various schools. She made great efforts to motivate students to join the Navy by talking about the different aspects of the Navy passionately, as her father is also the captain of a ship.

There were two students from other schools who had joined the Sea Cadet Corps who shared their experiences as Sea Cadets.

Later a merchant navy captain explained to us the difference between the ‘Merchant Navy’ and ‘The Indian Navy ‘ in simple words. We gained ample knowledge from the vast information shared about ships through a simulator setup of a ship and also viewed the virtual reality glasses which showed us the main engine area of a ship. After that there were different small models of huge container ships on display in various stalls and cadets who explained to us the use of such container ships. We saw pictures that depicted the history of the origin of shipping, the very first master-builder of ships, models of different kinds of ships, the concept of different coloured lights used to show direction to the ships, a life raft and its use which were also on display. After lunch we took part in an art competition - we drew and painted while having a lot of fun. We submitted our paintings as part of the competition before we left the venue. We gathered a lot of knowledge and information and learnt many values.

I thank my mother – Mrs. Shah, Mrs.Rao, Mr.Larry Pereira and our Principal for accompanying us to this exhibition.

Hardik Shah


On 13th December 2019 some boys of Std.8 visited the Mazagaon docks for a ‘Maritime Awareness Exhibition’. At the outset we were warmly welcomed as we listened to some inspiring speeches and personal sharings by a few Naval Cadets and Officers. We understood that the Merchant Navy is the one that deals with the commercial aspect of shipping namely exports and imports while the Indian Navy defends our country. We were encouraged and inspired to think of this as a career option for the future. We were explained in great detail about the discipline that the cadets follow while in training and on duty.

Later we were taken around to view the exhibition school-wise. The exhibits were displayed in separate stalls and each stall taught us something unique. The first stall had a simulator of the cabin view - in it we saw the radar, the various buttons and controls and also the map which the sailors followed. Unique values of brotherhood, passion, care, etc were highlighted. Some stalls displayed models of the Navy and Merchant ships. After a lunch break we took part in an Art Competition and the topic was ‘Water Conservation’ or ‘Climate Change’. This experience taught us many new things which is not included in our regular academic syllabus. We returned home with a load of knowledge and an inspired mind.

We are very grateful to Mrs.Shah - Parent volunteer (mother of Hardik Shah) for making our travel arrangements to this exhibition in her car and to Mrs.Rao (mother of Shradul Rao) for being a parent volunteer too. We are also grateful to Mr.Larry Pereira and our Principal for accompanying us despite their hectic schedule.

Sarosh Motafram