Farewell –Std.10 

(2022-23) – 9/2/2023

 “Celebrate endings for they precede new beginnings.”

On Thursday 9th February 2023, the students of STD 9 along with the help of some teachers organised a farewell party for the students of STD 10. The programme began with the lighting of the lamp to invoke God's presence, followed by a beautiful prayer service as we prayed to have God’s blessings on the 10th standard students as they will soon begin a new chapter in their lives. Next a prayer dance was performed by the teachers assuring them that God will always be their rock and strength through all their ups and downs. Following that a very emotional and heartfelt speech was given by the school captain Ayush Jogadia as he thanked all the teachers and reminisced about the fun-filled memories he had in the past. After the speech a few teachers sang a song which brought out a very important message “Live a life you will remember”.  Next the melodious band of SXBA sang a few songs that certainly moved the crowd. Fr. Blaise D’Souza s.j. was called up on stage where he gave a powerful speech to the students of STD 10 motivating them to make the right choices in life and encouraging them to abide by the values learned in school. The speech was then followed by a skit which was based on the theme “Embrace new beginnings and scale new heights.” The message of not letting failures overcome us but the need for resilience, determination and the efforts to bounce back after the fall was highlighted. A short video presentation that took everybody down memory lane was played next followed by a dance performance. The dancers unleashed their scintillating moves which left everybody awestruck. After the dance performance mementos were given to the students of STD 10 by the students of STD 9. The Vice-Principal gave the vote of thanks to all those who made the programme possible. 

In the second half of the day the programme began with a solemn prayer service. A  motivating speech was given by Dr. Kamlesh Desai (BAPSA) in which he spoke about the excellent legacy of the school and how the boys have to take it forward. Mr. D'Mello too addressed the boys encouraging them to discern well before doing something and to enjoy life which will have no regrets. Following that a few games were played. After games lunch was served then the boys proceeded to take photographs with their teachers and left for home with many happy memories.

Mazahir Anguthiwala

Std. 9