No Cop Out 27 - Webinar

The “No COP Out 27" webinar was organised by The Pratyek Organization on the 4th and 5th November 2022 on the Zoom Platform. The theme of this year's webinar was “Stand up and Speak out”. COP stands for Conference of Parties, a meeting where representatives of different countries put their thoughts into a global document to conserve our planet Earth.

The sessions on both the days began with the showcasing of videos based on various aspects of climate change and the solutions required to be put into practice to save our Mother Earth. The theme song for COP 27 was also played. There were various hosts that compered the webinar all of which are child environmental enthusiasts and activists. After that keeping in mind how we humans are connected to the Earth and to remind us about the vital connections to the forests of our planet we did a few minutes of deep breathing exercise. For both the days there were different speakers from various countries some of which are delegates for this year’s COP 27. The speakers spoke about climate change, child rights with regard to having a safer environment and also spoke about how we the children ‘the future of the Earth’ should raise our voices against what is happening to our Earth and work towards righting the wrong.

On the second day, child environmental activist Tom Jones from England who was a part of COP 26 shared his experience about it and what he envisions for COP 27. At the end of the session on both the days there was a question-and-answer segment where questions asked in the chat box were addressed. Also a quiz was conducted on the second day about all the things discussed at the two-day webinar. At the end a Google form link was given to voice out our recommendations and opinions which would then be put forth by the delegates at this year’s COP 27 and a document ‘Common Charter 26’ of the views of the children would be created.

This year's COP27 will be held from 6th to 18th November at Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt with a view to building a better future and providing a cleaner environment on Earth for the coming generations.

Rudresh Jogadia Sparsh Gaurav Sagwekar

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