Inter-house Cricket match on 20/12/2022

On 20th December 2022 the cricket coaches of the school - Mr. Pratap Desai and Mr.Chiranjiv Jaiswal and our school’s sports in-charge Mr.Brian Rebello took the initiative to arrange an inter house cricket match for the secondary section. All the boys left school at 8.45 a.m. with Mr.Brian accompanying them to the grounds. There with the help of Mr.Chiranjiv he arranged the boys house wise. The first match was played between the Tagore and the Kabir house which started at 9.45 a.m. The Kabir house won the toss and chose to bat and gave the Tagore house a massive target of 110 in just 12 overs. The Tagore house tried their best but fell short of 20 runs and lost the match. The second match was played between the Tilak and Nehru house. The Tilak house had won the toss and had elected to bat. They scored 98 runs but the Nehru house had got a penalty for not completing 12 overs in 45 minutes. With 2 overs left the Tilak house was given 40 runs to the target that the Nehru house had to chase. Namit Sampat scored 45 runs in just 27 balls. The Nehru house were off to a very good start. Neil Gole played a very good innings but got out at 47 runs. The Nehru house ended up losing the match with Jinen Chaddva getting a 5 wicket haul. The third match which means the finals was played between the Kabir and Nehru house. The Kabir house won the toss and elected to bat. They ended up scoring a huge score of 121 runs and won by a huge difference of 44 runs with Aryan Babardesai taking

5 wickets and Neevan Barrot taking 3 wickets. All the players had given off their best and enjoyed a lot. Mr.Pratap Desai had arranged gifts for those who played very well. Over all the tournament was very well managed and ended on time.

Raj Mehta

Sports Captain