Inter-House Debate Competition 2022 -18/11/2022

Rebuttal 2022-23, our annual Inter-house Seniors Debate competition was held in the school auditorium on 18th November 2022. The judges were Ms. Amanda Noronha and Bro Brennan Baptista s.j. and Ms Rose was the chairperson, assisted by Ms Heena.

Two rounds of debate were held. The topic of the first debate was ‘Sustainable development is a myth.’ Team Tagore was in the proposition and Team Nehru was in the opposition. The Tagore house won the 1st debate and Burhannudin Kanchwala was awarded ‘Best Speaker’

The topic of the 2nd debate was ‘The coastal road being built in Mumbai is an environmental hazard’ and Team Kabir was in the proposition while Team Tilak was in the opposition. The Tilak house won the debate and Keval Parekh was awarded ‘Best Speaker’. The judges commented that all teams had done good research work and maintained a good standard of debating.

Ms.Monica Rose

Teacher In charge