Teacher's Day Celebrations


Note of Gratitude for the Teacher's Day Celebration

A Big Thank You to all our Std 10 students who have put in so much of their time and efforts in organising such a meaningful and joyous Teacher's Day celebration. Right from the School Captain Hardik Shah's heart touching message, the soul stirring poem penned down by Sarosh Motafram and the hilarious magic tricks displayed by some of our students were all amazing. The hosts of the day Makarand Mohite and Heir Batavia did a fantastic job. How could we forget our Dancing stars who perfomed so well on some foot tapping numbers? Even the programme that was arranged at our individual class levels was very exciting and fun filled. It was really heartening to see our beloved students come up and showcase their talents with so much of Love and affection. Thanking all the Pta members as well for hosting the class programme and adding some more fun with their wonderful performances. Would also express my gratitude to our Manager Fr. Blaise, our principal Ms Preema Noronha and vice principal Mr. Savio D'mello for guiding our children and ensuring that the programme turns out very well. Your efforts and love made our day really very special. May God bless u all 😊

Thank you,

Ms. Sharon Buthello

Teachers’ Day Celebrations by the PTA of the School – 6/9/2021

The PTA members celebrated Teachers’ Day online on 6th September 2021 in the Assembly GC of each class at 9. 50 am. after the main program of the day. The various performances included speeches by students, poems in both Hindi and English, riddles, quiz, reels by

co-opted members, skit by students and PTA members, dance, mono act, and songs played on various instruments.

The teachers enjoyed the entire presentation in each class and they even appreciated the efforts of everyone to put up an amazing show for them. It was the coordination, hard work and team work between parents, students and PTA representatives which helped us to present such an amazing programme for our teachers.

I would specially like to thank our Principal - Ms Preema Noronha for trusting and believing in me and my team and extend my gratitude to all the parents and students who worked hard for this programme.

Mrs. Namrata Poddar. Mrs. Surabhi Shirodkar. Mrs. Rupal Kshatriya

Vice President (PTA) Joint Secretary (PTA) Joint Treasurer (PTA)

Secondary Section Teachers’ Day celebrations on 6/9/2021 (ONLINE)

The Teachers’ Day celebrations at SXBA was held on 06-09-2021 at 9.00 a.m. sharp in the Assembly GC of every class. The program consisted of two parts. The first part was the main program which was put up by the captains of the school under the guidance of the Principal and Vice Principal. The second part was organized by the parents (PTA) and the students in their respective classes.

The comperes of the main program were Heit Batavia (Std.10) and Makarand Mohite(Std.10) who did a very good job. The main program commenced with a prayer service which consisted of a prayer dance, a prayer by Bhavik Tikone the Tagore house captain and a Marathi Bhajan. A very lively dance performance by Siddhanta Ithape (School Sports Captain), Dishant Gala (Std. 10), Divya Sanghvi (Std 10), Luv Thakre (Std 10) and Neel Parikh (Std 10) was very entertaining. A poem penned by Sarosh Motafram was awesome. A PowerPoint presentation made by Karan Madaan and Dhruv Punde showcased precious memories. This was followed by a magic show which was divided into two parts - Sarosh Motafram (Nehru house captain) performed magic tricks with a pack of cards explaining the values taught to us by our teachers. The second part was a short skit wherein Neel Parikh and Siddhanta Ithape showed the online learning scenario through funny edits and magic edits.

Hardik Shah –the School Captain gave a speech expressing his heartfelt sentiments on behalf of all the students of the school. The programme ended with an energetic and foot tapping performance by a parent (Mrs.Asha Vengurlekar) and students of Std.7.

The teachers enjoyed the program, appreciated and thanked us too. The event concluded at 10.30 a.m. We are very grateful to Mr.Neil D’Souza our Computer Resource expert for his guidance, time and help.

Hardik Shah

School Captain

Teachers’ Day Speech – by PTA (Vice President)

A very good morning - Respected Manager- Fr. Blaise D'Souza, Principal – Ms. Preema Noronha, Vice Principal-Mr. Savio D' Mello, Headmistress – Ms.Minelia Monteiro, Co ordinator - Ms. Sandra Mc Mahon, all the teaching and non teaching faculty members, parents and my dear boys.

I begin with a very famous sanskrit shloka dedicated to our beloved teachers.

" Guru Gobind dou khade, kake lagu paaye,

Balihari guru aapne, Gobind diyo bataay. "

which means that when we see both our guru and God standing together in front of us ...then God says “Touch your Guru's feet first as their place lies above God”.

I, Mrs.Namrata Poddar -Vice President PTA on behalf of my entire team wish all of you a “Very Happy Teachers Day”.

It is rightly said “Without teachers life would have no class”. I totally believe in this as when our boys joined school, they were young, shy and unaware of a lot of things. You teachers moulded, groomed and helped them to grow into responsible young men. You left no stone unturned to inculcate values, courage, knowledge, confidence, patience in our boys with your love and warmth. “Teachers plant the seeds of knowledge that will grow forever.'’ Our teachers with their undying dedication, love, support and care have always encouraged our boys to excel so that they can fly high and make us all proud.

We express our sincere gratitude to our teachers, as despite all the challenges thrown by the pandemic, they took it in their stride and ensured our boys did not miss any of their studies. We are blessed to be surrounded by such amazing, loving, caring and dedicated teachers at SXBA. Thank you so much my dear teachers and once again wishing you all a “Very Happy Teachers Day”.

Mrs.Namrata Poddar

(Vice President – PTA)


Teacher's Day celebration was a grand event at SXBA with students from all classes showering teachers with their best wishes and greetings. A big thank you to our Manager Fr. Blaise, Principal ma'am and our Vice Principal Savio sir for planning and organizing this wonderful event for us teachers. The energetic dance performances by the students surely got us teachers grooving in our seats. The humorous recreation of classroom scenes by the PTA members made us laugh and helped us relive some pre pandemic classroom memories. The witty riddles made us teachers put on our thinking caps and become students once again. A poem was read by a class 7 student which struck a special chord. The poem acknowledged teachers as human and asked teachers not to be too harsh on themselves. Through the programme students used their talents to appreciate their teachers. The warmth, love, care and wishes from the management, parents and students made us teachers feel like true heroes.

Ms. Valentina Saldanha

Teacher’s Day Celebration

Teaching is considered to be a thankless job. However, the students of SXBA showed us how much love, gratitude and respect they have for us teachers by organizing a virtual Teacher’s Day programme.

The Teacher’s day programme was organized on the 6th of September, 2021 for each class teacher in their respective class’s Assembly Google Classrooms and two subject teachers too were invited in each class.

The programme which commenced from 9:00 a.m. comprised of two parts. The first part was a programme organized by the 10th std SXBA boys which was a common programme for all the classes.

The programme began with a beautiful and soulful prayer service which also consisted of a well-performed prayer dance. This was followed by many amazing performances- A speech by the Head Boy Mr. Hardik Shah, a heart touching poem, an incredible thank-you song for the teachers, foot-tapping dance performances and an unbelievable magic show. All the teachers present thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

After the first half of the programme conducted by the 10th std boys came to an end the PTA members and students of the respective classes took over for the further proceedings and each class had their own individual and unique programme. Since I am a class teacher of the 5th std along with Miss Rajani Mishra, the 5th std PTA members Mrs. Sadaf Khan and co-opted member Mrs. Fatema Burhanpurwala along with the 5th std boys put up a very lovely programme. It started with a speech by the PTA member of the class followed by recitation of a poem, speech by a student, beautiful performance on the Casio by one of the boys, an attitude filled fashion show, groove in your seats dance performances, an amazing mono act and a melodious choir. As a cherry on the cake a special act was put up by the parents on how in online school we teachers miss a few things that were present in a physical school.

The programme ended with the PTA asking the teachers to speak a few words and share their thoughts and lastly the PTA member proposed a vote of thanks.

This was the first Teacher’s day programme that I have attended as a teacher, since till last year I had always been on the other side of the fence. But today feeling the love, gratitude and respect of all my dear parents and students overwhelmed me. Also, it made me feel very special and proud that I have chosen such a profession where I can help and guide young minds and mould them into good human beings. It also made me realize that I have to always work hard for my students and be the best version of myself for them since many students will look up to me.

Lastly, I would like to thank the Manager Fr. Blaise D’souza, Principal Ms. Preema Noronha, Vice Principal Mr. Savio D’mello, all the parents and students for organizing such a wonderful event and making us teachers feel special.

Thank you.

  • Ms. Adelaide Pereira