French Workshop by L’Alliance Francaise De Bombay on 15/12/2022

L'Alliance Française de Bombay was invited to conduct a special Art Appreciation Workshop on the legendary French Painter Claude Monet for the French Composite students of Std X on 15th December, 2022. The workshop was conducted by Ms.Vijaya Masurkar, librarian of the AF-Library (Bombay).

The theme of the workshop was to appreciate and learn to paint in the style of Monet. The boys were instructed in a dual language medium of French and English.

L'Alliance Française course counsellor enlightened the participants about the French language courses, cultural events and examinations conducted by L'Alliance Française de Bombay and invited the students to attend them whenever they could.

The students enjoyed learning to paint Monet's water lilies and showcased their artistic side. They were given small goody bags by AF-Bombay. It was a novel experience for the students as they got a chance to interact with other french speakers and practice their oral communication skills in french which was a challenge for them.

We are immensely grateful to Ms. Masurkar and the AF team for their patience with our boys and for taking the time to give them an enriching experience.

Ms. Marilyn Rebello

French Composite Teacher