Annual Quiz Competition - Seniors 2019

Annual Quiz Competition 2019 (Seniors) – 20/8/2019

The Annual Quiz Competition for the students of Stds. 8, 9 and 10 was held on the 20th August 2019. The Quiz Competition is an eagerly awaited event for the students of St. Xavier’s Boys’ Academy.

This year’s competition saw a few new rounds, for instance a round on terms related to Art, Logos of Apps and Companies, a round testing the geographical skills of our students and a quiz on India’s Independence.

The other rounds comprised of topics covering History, Science, Math, Current Affairs, Sports and the most exciting Rapid Fire round.

In the end the Nehru house emerged as the winners of the Senior Quiz Competition. Congratulations to its members Vibhav Manatkar, Atharva Damle, Sarosh Motafram, Behram Motafram and Aditya Pandit.

A special word of gratitude to the organizers of this event, Ms. Heena Pereira and Mr. Nigel D’Cruz.

Results of the competition

1st place – Nehru House

2nd place – Kabir House

3rd place – Tilak House

4th place – Tagore House

Mr.Nigel D’Cruz Ms.Heena Pereira

Teachers In-Charge