SSC Students Farewell

‘Kindred Hearts … no distance parts’

Farewell Std.10

4th February 2020.

The farewell for class 10 batch 2019 – 2020 was organized by the students of Std.9 in the school auditorium on 4th February 2020. The day started with individual and class photographs taken followed by an assembly which included a prayer service, powerpoint presentation, skit, dance, address by the Principal and the distribution of special awards and certificates to the students of Std.10 for courteousness, leadership, service etc.

The awardees were:

Master Vzak Yazdani – Mr.Academite

Master Behram Motafram – All Round student

Master Neel Khot – Man for others

Mater Atharva Damle – Gentlemanliness

The students of Std.9 gave a token of appreciation to the class 10 students and this was followed by a game – ‘Treasure Hunt’ and the Farewell prayer service. After a final message by our Manager - Fr.Blaise D’Souza s.j. and the Vice President of BAPSA (Boys’ Academy Past Students Association) - Dr.Kamlesh Desai the day ended with lunch for the students and staff.

It was a memorable day for the students and the teachers too.

Ms.Heena Pereira Ms.Monica Rose

Teacher In-charge Teacher In-charge