– 4/3/2021


On 4th March, 2021 the National Science Day was celebrated in our school during our Science Online classes right from Std 5 to Std 9. The theme of this year’s National Science Day was “Science, Technology and Innovations: Impact on Education, Skills and Work”. The objective was to celebrate the Spirit of Science: to ignite, enhance and appreciate the curiosity, scientific temper, innovative thinking and problem solving ability of the budding scientists and environmentalists of our academy.

After the virtual lighting of the lamp and seeking God’s blessings, Dr. Kamlesh Desai, our alumni and president of the BAPSA enlightened our students on how Science is an expression of God’s marvelous wisdom and amazing beauty displayed in the universe and reminded us that science is not just limited to the scientists. By citing examples of school drop outs like Newton, Edison and a local fisherman in Kerala, he explained how curiosity, scientific temper and innovative thinking can lead to some great inventions. He spoke about David Attenborough’s documentary entitled “Life on Earth” and challenged our students to come up with some unique, original and innovative solutions to the problems that threaten our planet and thereby our very existence!!! He announced about an Environmental award that has been instituted by BAPSA for the student who comes up with the best presentation on the topic –“My thoughts on saving environment”. We extend our gratitude to Dr. Kamlesh Desai for his thought provoking message.

The students were also shown a video on how Medical Science, Bio- technology and Telecommunication has been a blessing all through this pandemic. Mr. Binish Desai, at age 11 came up with the idea of making bricks from waste. As a young man now, he has found a way to recycle the large amount of bio medical waste and used PPE kits/ masks generated due to Covid 19 in making bricks. Such innovations provide sustainable solutions to grassroot problems. The Students were greatly inspired by his thoughts and ideas. They also viewed a video sent by Greenline on Climate change, its effects and a survey revealing how unaware and indifferent most of us are!

We are proud to announce that this year our school has been awarded the 2nd Runner up Prize by the Greenline and this pride and joy comes to us because of our dedicated staff and students who have walked the extra mile and put in their time and effort in doing their very best all through the year in spite of the challenging circumstances of the pandemic. What better day to felicitate our Green champs than on this auspicious occasion!!! A token of appreciation will be given to them when we resume our physical school. They shared with the class some of their learning experiences and how these activities have also helped them grow personally.

We ended the celebration with an interactive session based on the message given by Dr. Kamlesh Desai and through the various videos presented. The students came up with wonderful insights and solutions to some of our environmental problems and also pointed out some practical difficulties in not being able to implement some of them. We may not get all the solutions right away but we are glad we set the ball rolling. We exhorted our boys to live this Spirit of Science every day of their lives. Unanimously we agreed that with our little and yet consistent efforts we can definitely contribute in saving our environment, and save, we must!!

Teachers In-charge:

Mrs.Teresita D’Gama

Ms.Neharika Vaz

Ms.Sharon Buthello

Ms.Macrina Macrenhas

Ms.Marilyn Rebello