Environment Beautification ( Wall painting at Byculla station ) – 17/12/2022

On 17th December, Saturday at 10.00 am ‘Project Mumbai and Lions club of Bombay’ - Churchgate organised a project on ‘Beautification wall painting’ at Byculla station. Many students from various schools participated in the same. From our school 13 students participated in this project where they painted Madhubani and nature drawings. They enjoyed themselves and had a wonderful experience of painting with other students at the station which took a full day to complete. Certificates were given to each student with the railway logo on it.

Given below are the names of students who participated in this activity:

1. Aarav Vengurlekar

2. Nihal Rathod

3. Sherwin Nogueira

4. Taha Kapasi

5. Shlok Potdar

6. Aagam Jain

7. Shlok Parekh

8. Yash Kedari

9. Darshan Rathod

10. Jiyannsh Jain

11. Suhaan Kheradia

12. Khan Mohmmmed Shahzaib

13. Husain Burhanpurwala

Mrs. Asha Vengurlekar

Parent In charge