Educational Talk - Stds. 5 & 6

Educational Talk – Stds. 5 & 6 on 27/9/2019

An educational talk for the students of Stds.5 and 6 was held on 27th September 2019 on the topic ‘Study habits, hygiene and diet’ by Dr. Zenobia Motafram (Parent Doctor). The session started with meditation and its importance in forming good habits. Preceding the meditation students were given a brief about maintaining mental and physical health which included an average of 7 – 8 hours of sleep everyday. A video was shown to them about personal hygiene which explained clearly how to keep their body and teeth clean. After this there was a discussion about a timely and healthy diet. Students were encouraged to drink 11 -12 glasses of water daily for good health.

The students greatly benefitted from this session as it was an enlightening talk. We are indeed grateful to the speaker Dr. Mrs. Zenobia Motafram and to our teachers and the PTA members who arranged this talk for us.

Aryan Bhattad


Ms.Rajani Mishra Mrs.Rudah Imran Khan

Teacher In-Charge (PTA Representative)