Pre- Primary Orientation for Parents

The Pre- Primary section had an orientation for parents on 1st July ’19 in the school auditorium. Ms. Pauline introduced the Manager Fr. Blaise, Principal Ms. Preema and the new Pre –Primary supervisor Ms. Sandra McMahon to the parents. The Manager Fr. Blaise and the Principal Ms. Preema addressed the parents and welcomed them our school. Ms. Pauline then introduced our guest speaker for the day Dr. Priyanka, (Developmental Pediatrician) who spoke on the topic: Child not doing well in school; should we intervene or leave it alone. The supervisor Ms. Sandra then addressed the parents.

The teacher’s then gave the parents a few general instructions and explained the syllabus for the year. Elections for the P.T.A representative was held for both Jr. K.G and Sr. K.G after which the parents were asked to meet the class teacher only if they have some genuine reason.