094 Report on Aviation Day - 9th December 2023

Aviation Day was celebrated at Nehru Science Centre on the 9th December 2023 to commemorate the 91st Anniversary of India’s first ever flight on 15th October 1932 by J.R.D Tata.

Schools  from all over Mumbai were invited to participate in various competitions like Quiz, Essay and Elocution. Two teams were sent from our school to participate in the Quiz competition. The participants were:

Team 1- Aryan Bhattad and Bhavya Joshi- Std 10

Team 2- Huzaifa Mahableshwarwala and Mohammed Mahableshwarwala -Std 9

We reached the venue at 9.00 a.m. on the 9th of December 2023 and were served breakfast after registering for the quiz competition. We were handed a bag which included all the material required to participate in the competition. Before the Quiz competition began, we were introduced to the various members of the Aeronautical Society of India. The students of Thakur Institute of Aviation showcased the life of J.R.D Tata and the birth of the Aeronautical society of India through a power point presentation. They also highlighted the various milestones achieved by the aviation industry that put India on the world map as one of the leading countries in the Aviation Industry.

During the preliminary round of the quiz, we were asked questions on various topics like Aeronautics, Aerodynamics, Current Affairs etc.

After the quiz we viewed a live demonstration on drones which left us spellbound. We did not win the competition but it was indeed an enriching experience.


 Mohammed Mahableshwarwala