Basketball Tournament on 17/9/2022

On 17th September 2022 YMCA Borivali had organised a Basketball Tournament for the Under-16 boys. Our school had participated in this tournament. It was a first time ever that our school had participated in a Basketball tournament. The players were Raj Mehta, Aaron Nair, Jenil Patel, Yash Jain, Neer Jain, Zeeshan Bhujwala, Abbas Lokhandwala, Aaryan Bhat, Vedant Varma, Rahil Furia and Arsham Shaikh who was also the team captain. The coach of the team was Sir Mukhtar Khan and Jonathan Fernandes assisted him. All the players were proud to represent our school at this tournament. Our school played various matches against the schools from Borivali and reached the quarter finals, but unfortunately due to lack of experience our school ended up losing. However we were well appreciated for our efforts. The parents of the players were also present to support us and this boosted our confidence.

Arsham Shaikh Mr.Mukhtar Khan

Std. 10-1 Teacher In charge