Eco Audit Team Meeting held on 26th September 2022.

The Province Eco Audit Team members - Mr. Gerry Mascarenhas and Mr.Baba Prasad Lanka visited the school and a meeting was held on 26th September 2022 at 11:30 am. The meeting was attended by the Principal - Ms. Preema Noronha, Vice–Principal - Mr.Savio D’Mello, Headmistress Mrs. Minelia Monteiro and the teacher in-charge of the LEAF initiative Ms. Valentina Saldanha (Secondary Section).

The main aim of this meeting was to discuss the eco-audit of the school conducted by teachers in-charge of the Eco-club and to enable the Province Eco Audit Team to interact with the staff who were involved with the eco-audit. Mr. Gerry Mascarenhas and Mr.Baba Prasad Lanka shared examples of the various activities conducted by other schools in the Province. The discussions were centered around eventually making SXBA a zero carbon school. Ideas such as having a vertical garden, monitoring the water supply bills, weighing and documenting the waste generated by the school were discussed as goals to be achieved in due course.

The Principal escorted Mr. Gerry Mascarenhas and Mr. Baba Prasad Lanka on a tour of the school in order to seek more ideas to enhance and expand the green activities of the school. The meeting ended at around 12:20 pm with a plan to meet the students of the nature club at the next meeting.

Ms. Valentina Saldanha

Teacher In charge – LEAF (Secondary)