Inter School Scout Competition

Inter School Scout Competition – 16th February 2020

On 16th February 2020 there was an Inter Troop Efficiency Competition held at the Oval Trust Garden – Cross Maidan. 5 troops in all participated in the competition which was conducted by the 18th West Bombay Sethna Scout Troop. From our school these Scouts represented the SXBA Troop – Mufaddal Jhaveri, Abizer Lokhandwala, Kush Modi, Rudra Mhatre, Atharva Shelke, Shubham Telang, Shamoel Indorewala, Dhansh Mutta, Makardwaj Parab, Arnav Khandray, Savya Kumar, Nirav Heliya, Yash Bhandiwadekar, Mohammed Pipalyawala. The competition started at 8.30 a.m. which was mainly a base game of 2 hours 20 minutes consisting of 7 bases of 20 minutes each. The troops were divided into Pravesh, Pratham & Dwitiya. The seven bases were –Knotting, Estimation, Pioneering, Compass & Constellation, Kim’s game, First Aid, Discussion of History of Scouting & Law. In the end there was a paper of 50 marks covering up all the stages of scouting of Pravesh, Pratham & Dwitiya.

In the knotting base we had to tie various knots, in the Estimation base we had to find the length of a mud pit and the height of the building. In the pioneering base we had to tie lashings and explain the parts of camp tools, in the compass & constellation base we had to write all the directions and their degrees, make the Orion and Cassiopeia constellation and find the pole star. In the Kim’s games - 30 objects were shown and we had to identify these objects by smelling and feeling them while we were blindfolded. We had to memorise and write at least 20 objects. In the First Aid base, oral questions were asked to the troop while the Troop Leader and the Assistant Troop Leader had to tie bandages. The last base was discussion of the Scout history and Scout law. We learnt many values like Discipline, Teamwork and hardwork at this event and were very proud to bag the third place in the competition.

Mufaddal Jhaveri


Abizer Lokhandwala


Kush Modi