Science Club: Soap- making Demonstration – 18/8/2022

The St. Xavier’s Boys’ Academy Science Club conducted a session on 18th August, from

1-2:15pm for its club members to show the soap-making process and explain the chemistry behind it. The session was conducted by Ms. Alison Rebello who has considerable knowledge in making hand-made soaps with natural ingredients with a variety of components. For the purpose of simplicity, she took the members step-by-step through the process of making a basic coconut oil-based soap.

Throughout the entire session the students were extremely curious, enthusiastic and excited to see the transformation of oil into a semi-solid substance. They learnt about the hot and cold process of making soap. A few student volunteers observed the temperature, the texture of the ingredients, the chemical change it was undergoing and assisted in mixing the ingredients. They asked a lot of pertinent questions and made a lot of interesting observations and on the whole enjoyed seeing the entire process. Some even stayed back after the session to discuss alternate soap-making methods, results and products.

The session was attended by around 47 student members along with Ms. Sharon Buthello, Ms. Macrina Mascarenhas, Ms Marilyn Rebello and Ms. Sophia D'Mello.

Ms. Marilyn Rebello

(Science Club Co-ordinator)