079 Primary Section : Excursion for Classes 3 & 4 

III and IV standard students went on an excursion on 17 October 2023 to the Nehru Planetorium.

The magnificent planetarium building captivated the students. A model satellite launcher at the entrance fascinated all of them.

Before the students proceeded to the sky theatre, there was an informative session. The students stayed glued through a description of our solar system, trying to understand the details and to identify the different planets and even learning to recognise constellations. It was fun knowing of one’s weight on the moon and other planets. There were a few other exhibits at the Planetarium which enlightened the learners.

As the lights dimmed and the journey through the stars began, the excitement among the students was overwhelming. The skies came alive on their massive dome theatre. The show was extremely good and provided a good visual experience as well as factual knowledge of astronomy. No doubt, in this modern age with a good exposure to technology, one doesn’t really find it difficult to learn topics related to astronomy, but the experience was amazing. It was a great learning experience and was a fruitful excursion.We departed from the Planetarium by thanking and appreciating the people who made the arrangements and then we headed towards the school 

Ms. Sania Almeida