018 Primary Section - An awareness talk on good touch and bad touch on 4th July 2023 

Std. 1 & 2

A talk  to  create an awareness among students of std 1 & 2  regarding Good Touch and Bad  Touch was organised on Tuesday 4 th July 2023 at 1:30 in the school auditorium . The session was conducted by our school counselor Mrs. Tahira Gonsalves. She explained both good touch and bad touch in detail. She then guided the students how to deal with Bad Touch.She further showed a video which threw light on the topic Good Touch and Bad Touch. The session was very helpful and it enhanced  their knowledge about the same.

 Mrs. Joycee Dodti

Std. 3 & 4

An awarness talk for the boys of  Std 3 and 4 was held on 4th of July 2023 in the school auditorium. The session was conducted by the school counselor Ms. Tahira Gonsalves. She spoke about the safe touch and unsafe touch and how to know the difference between the two. She made the boys aware that nobody can touch their private parts except their parents, she stressed on that children must voice out or seek the help of a grown up, if they come across such traumatic situations. She also warned the boys that, they too are not allowed to give a bad touch to anyone. The session was lively and interactive by showing  a video.

Ms. Yvonne Furtado