069 Education Department Meeting on 4/10/2023

An Education Department meeting was held at St.Mary’s ICSE School on Wednesday – 4th October 2023. The Principal and Junior clerk attended this meeting from 10.00 a.m. – 2.30 p.m.

The following topics were shared by the officials namely –Mr.D.Mahajan- Education Inspector, Mr.Avinash Randive and others from the Educ. Dept Office: 

a) School Profile

b)  Students Portal

c) Performance Grading Index (PGI) score

d) In case of any difficulty to contact the CRC

e) Completion of the UDISE+ work (a, b) by 7th October 2023.

This was a very helpful meeting as a number of school related issues with regard to the UDISE + work was clarified and information regarding the various minority scholarships with their respective terms and conditions was clearly explained to the participants.

Ms.Preema Noronha