GreenLine Session- Creating a Green Scene- 4/01/2023

The third session was conducted by Greenline on 4th January, 2023 at 1:15 p.m. The theme of the session was – ‘Creating a Green Scene’.

The session started with a fun activity where we had to find the animals that live in the cities and animals that live in the forests. After this we discussed about the Indian Biodiversity Hotspots that is the Himalayas, the Western Ghats, the Indo-Burma region and the Sunderbans. We also saw images of the places in Mumbai in the 19th century and compared the biodiversity with the recent images taken of Mumbai. We talked about the species in India which have become extinct in the last couple of years like the cheetahs, pink-headed ducks, hyenas etc.

We were made aware of the Eurocentric Model of Development which causes harm to the environment and also how it affects the communities like the Adivasis and the Koli community that depend on nature for their livelihood and survival. The session was a very interesting one where we received a lot of knowledge about the biodiversity of our city and country and how we can help preserve and conserve this rich biodiversity. The session ended with an activity in which we had to draw our own green city plans.

Aarav Vengulekar