Seminar for Heads of Schools

Seminar for Heads of School at Don Bosco International School - (Matunga) – 25/6/2019

A seminar was organised for the Heads of Schools at Don Bosco International School on 25th June 2019 entitled – ‘Leading the Future - Spirituality, Discernment and Leadership among Heads of School in India – 2019!’ from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

The erudite speakers namely Dr.Chris Hemans from Radboud University – Netherlands and Professor Dr. Fr. Francis Vincent Anthony sdb enlightened the audience on how “Discernment” can be made a way of life by the Heads of schools while leading schools into the future thus becoming – Transformational Leaders. The aim of Good education eventually leading to a good life for and with others in society was very lucidly explained through a practical model of the Discernment process. The importance of Education from the heart, the need to really listen, the art of true dialogue alongwith the steps of Interruption, Circumspection, Introspection, Intervision and Story sharing is what will help make the difference in the Teaching Learning process and gradually in the Education System too.

Ms. Preema Noronha