Class meetings with parents

Class meetings with parents of students of:

Std.9 & Std.10 on 22nd June, 2022

Std.8, Std.7 & Std.6 on 23rd June, 2022 and

Std.5 on 24th June on 24th June 2022, were organized in the school auditorium at 8 am to give parents an orientation of the Evaluation system of the academic and graded subjects and general rules and regulations of the school. The Principal chaired the meetings and parents were introduced to the teachers, who in turn gave information about their subjects and how parents could collaborate with the teachers for the overall development and academic progress of students. The Vice-Principal spoke about students with special needs and the importance of testing for learning disabilities when recommendations for testing were made.

Mrs Srilatha Srikant, a renowned clinical psychologist and mental health therapist was invited to be the key note speaker and she effectively spoke to parents about how the pandemic adversely affected the well-being and academic progress of many students. Parents and teachers were sensitized about being understanding and dealing effectively with students.

Parents queries were answered at the end of the meeting.

Ms. Monica Rose

Class Teacher 10-1