061 French Olympiad 2023 - By E&B -13/9/2023

The French Olympiad in India has been organised by E&B (Education and Beyond) since 2012. This year for the first time, students from St. Xavier’s Boys’ Academy attempted the Level 3 Proficiency ELE (Entry Level Examination) online olympiad. A total of 9 students from Std 9 and 10 registered for the same.

The exam was conducted in the School Computer Laboratory on 13th September, 2023 and students were tested on their Oral and Reading competencies in French Vocabulary and Grammar - CBSE level. The Olympiad was timed for 30 minutes from the time of commencement and students had to attempt 50 questions. 

The students found the exam a little difficult due to the advanced level of questions but appreciated the experience of giving the Olympiad. The Olympiad was moderated by Ms. Marilyn Rebello.

Ms. Marilyn Rebello

French Teacher