Dandiya Festival

‘Dandiya Festival ‘ – St.Mary’s High School (SSC)

Inter School Competition on 3rd October 2019

With the aim of building a ‘Safe inclusive neighbourhood’ St.Mary’s High School - SSC organised an Inter school ‘Dandiya Festival’.

We the boys of St.Xavier’s Boys’ Academy had received an invitation from them to participate in the celebration of this Dandiya Festival and decided to avail of this opportunity. The competition commenced at 3.00 p.m. and 18 boys from our school accompanied by 3 parents were chosen to represent our school. There were many exciting prizes like the ‘Best Male and Female Dancer’, ‘Dandiya Raja’, ‘Dandiya Rani’, etc. It was a day of fun, frolic and enjoyment. There were 3 judges who judged this competition. The dress code was different states - so we had worn the traditional clothes of garba of Gujarat and Kedia!

We thoroughly enjoyed the program. ‘Dishant Gala’- (Std.8-1) won the prize from the ‘Dandiya Raja’ – category.

Ayush Jogadia