Plastic Recyclothon Week

The Nature Club conducted a plastic collection drive from the 15th to the 21st of December, 2020.The aim of the drive was to collect single-use-plastic which gets thrown away and lands up in a landfill. Thus to support the initiative of the NGO ‘Project Mumbai’ who conduct a city-wide Recyclothon every month, the students donated their plastic to the NGO. The plastic collected would be recycled into benches, dustbins and other similar public amenities.

The boys were enthusiastic about the drive and even asked their friends and families for their waste and brought it to school. Each class collected their waste and stored it in their classrooms until collection day. Nature club members were then sent around to each class to collect their waste and gather it together in one place. There, Ms. Marilyn sorted through the plastic along with the help of 2 nature club members and packed them into boxes and large plastic bags to be ready for collection. In total, the plastic collected was roughly 4kgs and consisted mainly of single-use plastic bottles.

The plastic waste was collected up on 21st December, by the NGO. The drive was initiated and organized by Ms. Marilyn Rebello.