Visit to the AB Ward Level Science Exhibition

On 18th December 2019 some boys of Stds.7 and 8 visited the AB Ward Science Exhibition held at Alexandra Girls’ High School. From our school five students from classes 7 and 8 were chosen to view the exhibition. We were accompanied by Ms.Dharti Shinde, Mr.Nepolian Almeida and two PTA members. The entrance to the exhibition was amazing. The discipline there was well maintained. The models displayed at the exhibition were too good as each one of them had a fascinating fact in it. There were Math tricks, anti-pollution models, energy conservation models, traffic sensor by which no accidents will occur in future, a new vacuum cleaner coach to clean the railway tracks, a car which could move automatically and the interesting thing is that there was a sensor fixed on it which could sense something as tiny as an ant. We then saw a trick in maths which was hidden from us but which was visible in the calendar.

It was a proud moment for us when it was announced that our students Maahir Shah and Smeet Guliana won the prize at the Interschool Quiz Competition in the Junior Category. This was an enriching experience since we got to learn many new things. It was an honour to be chosen to represent our school. This exhibition was very enlightening and a great success. Thank you Mr.Nepolian Almeida and PTA members for looking after us.

Maahir Shah Shubham Bajpai

Yash Jain Aayush Rathod

Std. 7-1 Std.7-1

Std.7-2 Std.8-1