1. Mrs Sejal Parekh - Vice President

2. Mrs Pinky Jain - Jt. Hon. Secretary

2.1. Mrs. Monica Rose - Jt. Hon. Secretary (Staff)

3. Mrs Asmita Haldankar - Jt. Hon. Treasurer

3.1. Mr. Reynold D'cruz - Jt. Hon. Treasurer (Staff)

The parent class representatives were chosen by picking lots of the name of a parent, class-wise (if there was more than one nomination) to form the PTA Executive committee for the academic year 2022-2023 during the AGM held on 5th July 2022.

Elections of Office Bearers from among these selected parents were held on 13th July 2022 at the PTA Executive meeting. Parents who had not been Office Bearers in the past were encouraged to stand for the posts as per the directives given by the Education Department.

Mrs Sejal Parekh was elected Vice-President with 20 out of 25 votes in her favour.

Mrs Pinky Jain was elected Jt. Hon. Secretary with 14 votes.

Mrs Asmita Haldankar was elected Jt. Hon. Treasurer with 19 votes.

Mrs Monica Rose and Mr. Reynold D’cruz were nominated as Jt. Hon. Secretary and Jt. Hon. Treasurer respectively and would continue their term as teacher representatives.

Congratulations to the PTA (PASTOR) Executive team for 2022-2023.

Mrs. Monica Rose.

Jt.Hon. Secretary.