Marathi Savardhan Fortnight (14th to 28th January 2023)

“मराठी संवर्धन पंधरवडा” was celebrated at St.Xavier’s Boys’ Academy to promote Marathi and to create love and passion towards the Marathi subject. Various activities like Marathi handwriting competition, poem writing competition and essay writing competition was organised at class level.

On 23rd January कवितेच्या अंगणात a programme was organised in the school hall. Mrs.Archana Anchalwar a lecturer, parent and you tube video maker was invited to be the Chief guest. She advised students not to ignore Marathi but to enjoy the beauty of poetry in Marathi, to set tunes to poems for better recollection and to sing it as well. She also recited a number of Marathi poems which she had learned while she was studying in school. This programme was enjoyed and appreciated much by all present.

The programme to celebrate this event was the hard work of the Marathi teachers and the active participation of our students.

Mr.Reynold D’Cruz Mr.Nepolian Almeida

Marathi Teachers – In charge