'Word War' - Online Competitions by the Rotaract Club – 13/2/2022

On Sunday 13/2/2022 online competitions were organised by the ‘Rotract Club’ of Jai Hind College in which 14 schools had participated from different regions of our country on the theme ‘Word War’. The first round of the competition was all about displaying one’s writing skills which was divided into two parts namely – Writing a poem on a story within an hour and the second part was based on Oratory skills. 14 schools were given 14 different topics and the contestants had 5 minutes to prepare themselves to speak for a maximum of two and a half minutes.

This was followed by an Art competition wherein contestants were given a topic which they had to draw and depict ‘Nature with Geometrical figures’ and in the second part they had to draw a ‘Gateway’. The last was the ‘Quiz’ round in which all participants from the schools had to participate together. Our SXBA school team comprised of Jinen Chhadva, Aryan Bhattad, Vishnu Borana, Aayush Tandel, Sagar Paralkar and Kevish Chaurasia from Std.8. This competition enabled us to work as a team in order to find the correct answers. We are the proud winners of the first prize at the Quiz competition.

Participating in these competitions was a great learning experience. We thank our teachers – Ms.Valentina Saldanha, Ms.Adelaide Pereira and Ms.Rajani Mishra for encouraging and motivating us to participate.

Jinen Chhadva