First Day of School - 14th June 2021

First day in school with the 5th standard- 14/06/2021

The academic year 2021-2022 commenced on 14th June, 2021 for SXBA school with online classes for standards 5th to 10th from 9 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. This was followed by a staff meeting of the secondary section at 10:30 a.m. online.

The class teachers and the students met online on the Google classroom of 5th standard Assembly. The program for the day was welcoming the students and conducting a special assembly for the boys. I was assigned to be the class teacher for standard 5.1 along with Ms. Rajani Mishra the class teacher of class 5.2. Being a newly appointed staff member at the SXBA school, I eagerly joined the meeting half an hour early and was surprised to see that the students also started joining. The enthusiasm of the students to attend the online class was what brought a smile to my face.

Our first day assembly was divided into three segments. The first segment was the welcoming of the boys and the prayer service and assembly. Ms. Rajani welcomed the boys and from there we moved on to the Prayer service by the class teachers and Ms. Vipula Bhagat. The prayer service ended with the hymn- Showers of Blessings and the assembly concluded with the National Anthem.

The second segment was orienting the boys with respect to the online classroom rules and to familiarize them with the google classroom features. The students were provided with their class timetable. Being a new faculty member of the school, I was touched and overwhelmed with the warm welcome that I received from the teachers as well as from the students.

The last segment was ‘Getting to know each other’, where the teachers and a few students spoke about themselves and about their likes and hobbies so that we understand each other better. This was a fun-filled segment where we got to know a lot about our students before we wrapped up the program for the day. At the end, a few students requested that they wished to convey something to us and they showered us with praise for the good time they had with us. Our students appreciated the efforts we put in to make them feel welcomed and for organizing the day’s program. The first day experience was fun-filled and inspiring for me and it has motivated me to work hard for my students and the institution. I will endeavor to give my best, fulfil my responsibilities and duties as a class teacher and staff member of the SXBA family.

Ms. Adelaide Pereira

Class Teacher- Std. 5.1