Social Outreach Programme to Jai Vakeel – Std.7

Social Outreach Programme to Jai Vakeel – Std.7 on 2/3/2020

To bring about an awareness and enhance sensitivity among our students for the betterment of themselves and society at large the boys of Std.7 alongwith their class teachers and a few parents visited the ‘Jai Vakeel’ school on 2nd March 2020.

The Special Educators of ‘Jai Vakeel’ school first briefed us about the kind of students who study there. We learnt that though these children have a low IQ they are still differently abled and quite independent. We saw a video presentation which brought out the message that we need to respect these children for their uniqueness and empathize with them. The central idea of this video was ‘Inclusivity’.

We were then taken to visit these children in their respective activity rooms where we saw how they actively involved themselves in many creative workshops like candle making, paper bags making, flower & garland making. We were also taken to the occupational therapy centre and their badminton court. There was a Weaving centre where these students after the age of eighteen were employed. Based on each one’s ability they were given job placements across the city so that they can live a life of self-respect by earning their own living.

We came back to school not with sympathy for them but with a much deeper appreciation for them and a lesson never to underestimate anyone. Also to accept our own difficulties as challenges which help us become a better version of ourselves.

Ms.Sharon Buthello Ms.Sophia D’Mello

Teacher In-charge Teacher In-charge