Workshop on Transforming Teaching through I.P.P at Campion School

Workshop on Transforming Teaching through I.P.P at Campion School - 13th July, 2019

A workshop on Transforming Teaching through I.P.P was held on 13th July, 2019 at Campion School. Teachers from different Jesuit schools attended the session. From our school Mrs.Teresita D’Gama, Mrs.Monica Rose, Mr.Luis Rodrigues, Mr.Adalbert Cardoza and self were deputed for this workshop.

The session began at 9: 30am.Mr.Paul Machado was the speaker for the first session. He spoke on the characteristic of Jesuit Education and the main objective was to make education universal & spiritual as per the existing school curriculum which is conducive to the child & also which will enable him to develop skills to communicate with others. Being a Jesuit school we as teachers need to inculcate values in children. A teacher needs to be a role model to a child since values are not taught but caught. We need to foster values in children through different curricular & co-curricular activities. As teachers we need to update ourselves both personally & professionally to strive for the"Magis". As a Jesuit school we need to have a clear vision, commitment, be open to change, be flexible & make education faster, better & easy for the all round development of a child.

The second session was conducted by Dr. Vini Sebastian on Ignatian Pedagogy. She discussed the importance of the I.P.P lessons and how we should adapt our teaching skills to the present curriculum. Different examples were illustrated where teaching can be made fun. The need to change our way of thinking from the traditional method was stressed upon.

For the next session teachers were divided into groups based on their subjects. A demo lesson was conducted by the B.Ed professors and they divided the teachers into groups where they had to present a demo lesson based on the topic given by them. It was a fruitful and a wonderful experience.

Ms.Sophia D’Mello