062 ‘Clay model making’ workshop for Science club members – 15/9/2023

The ‘Clay model making’ workshop for Science club members was held on 15.9.2023 in the Media room from 1:15 to 2:15 pm. Students were grouped into 4 workstations.

The workshop began with a general introduction about ‘Shadu clay’ and its properties by the resource person Mrs.Trupti Dahibavkar. She then distributed some clay to each child and asked them to feel its consistency.

They were asked to think of what model they would like to build and start with an idea. She personally went to each workstation, asked them about their idea and helped them turn it into a model. The students were very enthusiastic to try their hand at this form of art and utilised every single second of the workshop to pour their creativity into their mound of clay. They enthusiastically tried and discarded different ideas. It was interesting to see them experiment with their creativity and turn out different shapes like Lord Ganesha murtis, dinosaurs, a battleship, ponds and car models.

Our school Vice captain -Anshul Bhat gave a vote of thanks to the resource person Mrs. Trupti Dahibavkar and Mrs. Asmita Haldankar who assisted her. A small token of appreciation was also presented to them on behalf of the Science club.

Ms.Neharika Vaz

Teacher In charge