Nature – Science Club (2nd Session)


The 2nd session by ‘Greenline’- Mumbai was held on 16th January 2020. The theme was ‘Outdoor Air Pollution’. The session was conducted by the resource persons – Ms.Monalisa Mukherjee and Ms.Pratiti Bagdi. Through video presentations we were made aware of how life-threatening our future is if proper corrective steps are not taken by us now. We were made aware of the various air pollutants. We could avoid these by reducing the use of petrol and diesel vehicles which emit a lot of smoke and instead could make use of electric vehicles whiach do not emit smoke. The industries should work out systems by which lesser smoke is emitted by them. We have to plant more trees alongside the roads which absorb carbon dioxide released by the vehicles and industries. The session was interesting and thought provoking. We thank our teachers and the resource persons for organizing this session which was very informative and enriching too.

Ms.Sharon Buthello Dhruv Punde

Teacher In-charge Std.8-1