Training Seminar at Vinayalaya for teachers of other faiths

Training Seminar at Vinayalaya for teachers of other faiths on 1st February 2020

A seminar was organized on 1st February 2020 at Vinayalaya, Andheri. Teachers from all sections of St.Xavier’s Boys’ Academy attended the sessions which focused on the topic – ‘What makes a Jesuit School, Jesuit’.

Mr.Anandprakash Sharma, Ms.Vipula Bhagat, Mr.Mukhtar Khan, Ms.Smita Waidande and Ms.Dipti Vaishnav attended the session from the Secondary Section alongwith three staff members from the Primary and two from the Pre-Primary section.

It was an informative session especially for the teachers of other faiths teaching in Jesuit schools of the Mumbai Province. Life stories of St.Francis Xavier and St.Ignatius of Loyola were highlighted. The history of Jesuit schools, their origin and purpose was also elaborated upon in great detail. At the end there were some inputs on how to make teaching – learning interesting in our schools. This was an informative and very enriching sessions for us teachers.

Ms.Dipti Vaishnav


Workshop for Teachers of other faiths at Vinayalaya on 1st February 2020

‘The Jesuit Education Board’ - one of the pioneers in the field of education organized a one day educational workshop at Vinayalaya Andheri on 1st February 2020. This workshop was specially designed for the teachers of other faiths in Jesuit schools of the Mumbai Province. Around 50 to 60 teachers were present for this workshop.

In the first session Fr.Charles Rodrigues s.j. beautifully explained the brief history of St.Ignatius of Loyola and his great mission. Later he focused on the need of a goal and need of a purpose in our life. Fr.John Cyriac s.j. explained to us about our surroundings and how in the materialistic world we ignore the beauty of nature. It is our duty to protect our mother earth. It was great to know about the Jesuits and the extraordinary works they do in different fields of life. At the end of the seminar Fr.Luke s.j. got us involved in an activity which had a practical learning experience for us.

At the end of this enriching day we realized that being a teacher, we also have a great role to play in society. I truly appreciate this move of the Jesuits to provide us with such a platform to know them better. It is worth mentioning and admirable that our Jesuits are very liberal, reachable in their approach and strive hard to create harmony among people of different faiths. These kinds of seminars are very helpful to make us realise the importance of value based education, the importance of spirituality and to set a goal in life.

After attending the seminar I now carry within me a strong feeling of pride and a sense of belongingness to my school, in the knowledge that we are carrying forward the legacy of our founder – St.Ignatius of Loyola and our Patron St. Francis Xavier.

We thank Fr.Swamy s.j.the Province co-ordinator of the Jesuit Education Board for his efforts and hard work to organize this day’s long workshop for us staff of the various Jesuit Schools in the Mumbai Province.

Mr.Mukhtar Khan

Hindi Teacher

St.Xavier’s Boys’ Academy

Churchgate, Mumbai