Teacher's Day Celebrations

Teachers’ Day Celebration on 5/9/2022

‘A Teacher is like a candle it consumes itself to light the way for others’. Teachers’ day was celebrated in our school on 5th September 2022 to appreciate the teachers of all the three sections for their hard work.

Though we students did not get much time during the school hours to practise our items we were determined to put up a grand show. The programme began with a prayer service conducted by the school leaders of Std.10. The teachers also made their prayers to God for patience and courage. This was followed by an entertainment programme which was packed with a hilarious skit, dances by the Primary and Secondary section, songs and speeches too. A PPT was presented which brought back old memories of the staff. Mr.Luis Rodrigues gave the vote of thanks thanking everyone for the day’s programme.

The Std.10 students hosted the show and we tried our best to enable our teachers to enjoy the show. The heads as well as the students of other standards helped us in our preparations right from the planning, training and executing of our items. We were delighted to see the programme go well and that our guests of honour – our teachers enjoyed the programme specially put up in their honour.

Ayush Jogadia


Tilak House Captain