Meeting With Parents & Teachers - Secondary Section

Meetings with Parents and Teachers (Secondary Section) – Stds. 5-10 on 18th and 19th June 2019

Meetings with parents of Stds.5 to 10 were conducted on 18th and 19thJune 2019 in the school hall from 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. Parents wereinformed about the important rules of the Education Department with regard to days of compulsory attendance, holidays, celebration of national festivals, academics, the new exam paper pattern. The School Discipline Policy, ban on plastics in school, segregation of waste, punctuality and regularity to school, the school WhatsApp facility etc. were also spoken about.

The importance for parents to be participative and more involved in the life of their children was stressed upon. Parents were requested to encourage their children to participate in the Scholarship exams for Stds.5 & 8 and to cooperate with the school when students are chosen for various co-curricular activities and practices.

Parents were instructed that students of Stds.5 to 8 would have to make new ID cards this year which could be used for the next 3 years in school. At the end general instructions were given by the Vice-Principal and Principal. The parents were given an opportunity to raise their concerns and clarify their doubts if any which were duly attended to.

Ms.Preema Noronha