020 Mentoring of Stds.9 & 10 by BAPSA on 12/7/2023

A mentoring session was conducted by the members of BAPSA on 12th July 2023 at

11.30 p.m. in the Sologran Auditorium for students of Stds.9 & 10. The session started with the school vice-captain – Anshul Bhat welcoming the members of BAPSA on behalf of all students.

Dr.Kamlesh Desai an accomplished dental surgeon and ex-student gave the students guidance and advice on pursuing different career paths and fields.  Dr.Kamlesh Desai invited Mr.Amrish Shah (alumni) a well-renowned filmmaker to speak.  Mr.Amrish spoke about brain health and the importance and necessity of keeping the brain sharp and healthy.

Mr.Amrish then introduced Mr.Viraj (ex-student) an influential and successful person in the financial field. Mr.Viraj spoke about the various challenges and difficulties he faced and how he handled failure.

The session ended with the school captain – Aaryan Pitale giving a vote of thanks to the BAPSA members for taking time and being present, for sound advice given and for being an inspiration to the students.

The session was very interactive and gave the students a clear perspective on various careers.

Anshul Bhat

Vice Captain