CARE FOR OUR ENVIRONMENT – Sea, Sand and a Mission (18/11/2021)

Mumbaikars have been taking up the task of cleaning the city’s beaches for a while now and recently, it was time for the city’s kids to lend a hand. They got together early on a weekend morning with their parents and other volunteers, donned the cleaning gloves and got into action.

Around 20 school kids gathered at Chowpatty Beach at 4.00 p.m. on 18th November 2021 as that was a suitable time, keeping the low tide in mind. The two-hour event saw the young participants gather over 1,000 kgs of trash - including plastic and other waste materials. Malvika Kothari and Rizwan Khatee, from the SeaFins group say, “It was such a nice experience. We started with a brief about why the kids were there and why saving our beaches matter. We also gave them a simple explanation about how plastic affects marine life. They were really excited and in just an hour, we picked up so much. It was nice to have a few runners join in. The next plan is to have a treasure hunt-themed clean-up on the beach”.

Everyone was all smiles at the end of the event. Asha Vengurlekar, who is a runner and a parent of St.Xavier’s Boys’ Academy shared that "It was so nice for the kids and parents to take part in this activity. We need to teach our kids to give back to Mother Nature".

Mrs. Asha Vengurlekar