063 Hindi Diwas (2023-24) – 15/9/2023

Hindi Diwas was celebrated on the 15th September 2023 in our school to promote the Hindi language. The Hindi Elocution competition was held in the Sologran Auditorium. 36 students took part in the competition which was held for two categories – Juniors and Seniors.

Mr.Ashish Tripathi (Deputy General Manager –IDBI) and Urdu fiction writer – Mr.Shadab Rasheed were the distinguished judges for the competition. They appreciated the efforts of the students and their teachers for putting up a good performance.

Here are the results of the competition:

Comperes: Hamza Qureshi, Arman khan, Jayraj Mehta and Naitik Kadakia.

Mr. Mukhtar Khan                   Mr. Anand Prakash Sharma              Ms. Rajani Mishra.

                                                      Teachers In-charge